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Fans of Marius de Romanus

Fans of Marius de Romanus
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{ Cruor Et Aurum is a community for fans of the character Marius de Romanus of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles }
Note: If 'cruor et aurum' is a terrible embarrassment to the language that is Latin, let me assure you that I sincerely apologize and I had tried my best. *shakes fist at Google*

{ Welcome }

Welcome to Cruor Et Aurum (or, Blood and Gold), the Marius de Romanus community on LiveJournal. I've created this community because it seems that there are no other communities for strictly Marius' character and I love him so, and thus he deserves a community on LiveJournal. If you choose to join, please enjoy your stay! :)

{ Rules }
Not many, apparently. :)

1. Stay on topic. Our topic is Marius de Romanus, yes, but other Anne Rice, Armand, or Vampire Chronicle related posts are okay too. Just don't pop in and tell us about how much that sandwich you had for lunch tasted poisoned or something. I'm pretty sure you've got my drift.
2. Be respectful of the other members of the comm. Don't flame/harrass/annoy anyone. We want to stay a friendly community, and part of that is respecting each other.
3. Enjoy your stay and have fun!

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Because we care.


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